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Offers refurbished teradyne machinery, reflow oven.

reflow oven
Offers new, used and refurbished machinery FERHAT electronic assembly equipment and technical devices. 1999 Vitronics Magnatherm 520N 5-zone Nitrogen ready convection reflow oven w/ mesh belt/edge rail, PC and monitor. MPM SPM automatic semi-automatic shuttle type screen printer w/ stencil wipe, dual overhead Hitachi manual color vision, onboard PC and touch screen controls. We also offer information on Teradyne.

Offers Stencil printers and pick and place.

pick and place
FERHAT Hi-Tech Sources began in 1979 as a new electronic assembly machinery representative and evolved into the full-service electronic assembly machine supplier that we are today. Hi-Tech Sources offers new, used and refurbished electronic assembly equipment and Stencil printers, we also buy, sell and liquidate electronic assembly equipment. Let our professional and courteous staff assist your company, whether you are a new customer or one of our thousands of satisfied repeat customers. 1997 Zevatech/Juki 575L automatic pick and place w/ upward and downward looking vision, (15) feeders, 32 position feeder bank, PC and monitor.

About Us


HI-TECH SOURCES is a respected full-service supplier of refurbished & new electronic assembly equipment.  Since its establishment in 1979, company founder Harv Rubin has leveraged worldwide connections to locate or produce fully-operational equipment at the best price, for each and every customer. 


HI-TECH SOURCES rises above the competition in quickly locating equipment that meets customerís specs, time frame & budget.    We are located in 6,000 square-foot warehouse in San Diego California where customers can browse & test equipment they require.  Service operations are handled by in-house, full-time technicians as well as a network of 75 outside technicians in North America.


We are pleased to work with customers of any industry, country or organizational size.  Our excellent reputation and a commitment to providing truthful equipment assessments, quality products & services has allowed us to produce results for thousands of satisfied clients, including:  General Electric, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin Qualcomm, SCI Sanmina, Solectron.


This year, HI-TECH SOURCES is celebrating 33 years of successfully serving worldwide customers! Along with used and refurbished equipment we also distribute & service Eco Automation, our own line of equipment. Eco Automation is a cost-effective option to customers who need to upgrade to lead-free machinery, per ROHS. Since 2004, HI-TECH SOURCES has contributed to the design specifications and ensured quality manufacturing of Eco Automation lead-free Reflow ovens and Wave solder machines, while offering savings of around 40% compared with familiar brands.   HI-TECH SOURCES continues to provide more choices, better service and lower costs.


We look forward to saving you time & money on refurbished, used or new equipment & machinery!


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